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*~featured doujinshi~*

SnK: 30 Days of EreRi


based on the 30 Day OTP Meme~ :D there's RiRen stuff too, but i'm calling it EreRi. :P

Read Here

*~art stuff~*



:bulletblack: FrostCon, Toronto - Jan 31
:bulletblack: Katsucon, National Harbor MD - Feb 12-14
:bulletblack: March Toronto Comic Con, Toronto - Mar 20-22
:bulletblack: Anime Detour, Bloomington MN - Mar 27-29
:bulletblack: Anime Boston, Boston - Apr 3-5
:bulletblack: Anime Central, Chicago - May 15-17
:bulletblack: Anime North, Toronto - May 23-25
:bulletblack: MomoCon, Atlanta GA - May 28-31
:bulletblack: A-Kon, Dallas TX - Jun 5-7
:bulletblack: AnimeNEXT, Somerset NJ - Jun 12-14
:bulletblack: Anime Expo, LA CA - Jul 2-5
:bulletblack: ConBravo, Hamilton ON - Jul 24-26
:bulletblack: San Japan, San Antonio TX - Jul31-Aug2
:bulletblack: Otakuthon, Montreal, QC - Aug 7-9
:bulletblack: Animethon, Edmonton AB - AUg 7-9
:bulletblack: Anime Revolution, Vancouver - Aug 14-16
:bulletblack: FanExpo, Toronto - Sept 3-6
:bulletblack: AnimeFest, Dallas TX - Sept 4-7
:bulletblack: Nan Desu Kan, Denver CO - Sept 4-6
:bulletred: Yaoi Con, San Francisco CA - Sept 18-20
:bulletred: Senshi-Con, Anchorage AK - Sept 26-27
:bulletred: New York Comic Con, NYC - Oct 8-11
:bulletred: Anime Banzai, Layton UT - Oct 16-18
:bulletred: MCM London, London UK - Oct 23-25
:bulletred: YoumaCon, Detroit MI - Oct 29-Nov1
:bulletred: Quinte Mini-Con, Belleville ON - Nov 14-15
:bulletred: Hyper Japan Xmas Market, London UK - Nov 27-29




:star: Magi YuuEnRyuu - Flames 20pgs - R18 - :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star:
:star: SnK EreRi - 30 Days of EreRi 40pgs - PG13 - :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star:
:star: SnK EreRi - Bildungsroman 48pgs - R18 - :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star:
:star: SnK Trio - Sans Racines 8pgs - PG - :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star:

Current Projects:
:star: SnK EreRi - Hoshii 20?pgs - PG - :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star: SnK EreRi - Rush Over Me ?pgs - PG13 - :bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

:star: CRAVE-N - 100(?)pgs - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star: Silence - 100(?)pgs -:bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star: Sound of Eternity - 600+pgs - :bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

*~collab/trade list~*

Drawing with Friends!


:star::iconlittleriyu: - Christmas Collab - :bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star:Ariya (TheO) - Supernatural Showdown - :bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star::iconevil-usagi: - TBD
:star::iconevenica: - Prince and Pauper - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star::iconmomoyuan: - Yanta x Otonashii - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star::iconcareko: - TBA - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:


:star::iconbluerosefantasy:- Sleeping OC's - :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletblack:
:star::iconusagi-kit: - MakoHaru Hurt - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star::iconpastrypuffs: - TBD


:star::iconodieluvnikki: - RiRen Wedding Fanfic Cover - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:
:star::iconchibibritt: - GW 3 Pilots - :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

**list not compiled in drawing order lol

nothing devious LOL

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 26, 2015, 5:38 AM


  i draw stuffs. mostly my OTPs 

hi everyone! I LLLIIIIVVVVEEE!!!! (@ w @;;

sorry i've been pretty much absent.. running to so many cons is taking a toll on me after all.. :iconlazepoolplz: (i'm rarely home anymore?! owo;; )

i will slowly but surely respond to everyone's kind messages when i get the time, and i'm working hard to finish all the commissions before next week so we can all start september with a clean slate! :)

a million apologies to :iconkaleidodiamond:~!!! as mentioned, i will do my best to finish your commission by this week and have it mailed out! m(>lll<)m 

the next cons coming up are FanExpo Canada, Nan Desu Kan, and AnimeFest! :'D all three are on Labour Day weekend, so for FanExpo only my art will be on show. ^^; my person will be at NDK for the weekend, and will be around for AFest monday. :) TANEMURA SENSEI IS GONNA BE THERE I NEED HER TO SIGN EVERYTHING~!! :LSKDJF:SLKjfslkfj

today facebook told me that 2 years ago i was still crying over ereri fics. LOL I GUESS NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED. WHICH REMINDS ME I HAVEN'T DRAWN ERERI IN A LONG TIME AND I MISS MY BAES ;A; i know i told some people that i've been working on the third book -- and it's still true!! -- but i don't see it happening til con season comes to a close come november. ;w; in the meantime, hopefully i'll be able to squeeze a few pathetic strips in here and there on the road. ;///;

i'll finally be home in the next couple days, so i'll be able to sort thru and post all the con/cosplay pics on tumblr as always~ ^^ 

thanks y'all for all your support, you guys are super awesome! ;////;



WHO'S YOUR OTPPPppppp ///// 

26 deviants said vote for this to vote for EreRi ohohohoohhoh
22 deviants said yea y'all know i ship EreRiRen big time w00t w00t
12 deviants said yaoi yuri het canon fanon crossovers KISS KISS FALL IN LOVE
5 deviants said tell me how they're soulmates and totally belong together
2 deviants said seriously tho. tell me who just kiLLs your feEELs in the comments


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sayroo Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hi hello, i love your art so just going to follow you everywher-- :iconpapmingplz:
YummySuika Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist
LegendaryAnimes Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh look, a mangaka.

Oh look, said mangaka likes Attack on Titan.

Oh look, said mangaka was at AX.

Oh look, said mangaka is now a senpai.

*flies away with weeaboo powers*
YummySuika Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  Hobbyist
what what whAT WHaT wHa T lol whut
KaleidoDiamond Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015
Hi! My name is Catherine. Me and my sister Lala saw you at anime expo last week and requested three commissions. In our order there was Sourin, chrom, and makoharu. You said that you would mail it to us and it should arrive on tuesday or wednesday but it didn't come yet :(. I just wanted to make sure if you sent it already. Thanks again!
YummySuika Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist
hello~!!! i replied via note and on tumblr! i'm sorry it took so long! ><;;;
KaleidoDiamond Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
ahh thank you so much!! i was freaking out sorry i sent so many messages! I just wanted to make sure it didnt get lost in the mail or something ;-; 
Purserfy Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Student Interface Designer
Excuse me ,Can I translate some of your works about Riren ? And can I share them in Sina Weibo ? I will give the link and respect your rights! >3<
YummySuika Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist
no problem. :) please do credit me and send me the link tho! ^^
I met you at Momocon! :wave:
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